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For a fresh change...

Try nature

Pack Your Bags Life Coaching is a nature-based, individual coaching program to jumpstart your path to confidence, FUN and life fulfillment. Take clear decisive action to get the results you want! You and I will co-create a momentous call to action plan to “push the buy button” to your dreams, and if we’re not careful, we might just have a really good time.


Hi! I'm costa.

I am an optimist, with a fun flare of extroversion and an infectious giggle, who loves people and creating a safe space to help others feel comfortable and confident to be authentic and share openly. I provide a time and place in nature to hike, play, and adventure.

Get ready to Pack Your Bags! Limitless possibilities await you!


“Costa is outrageous and fun to work with! She will inspire your inner child to come right out and take life by the reins, PLAY, and get things done! I raised $1500 within 3 minutes from a room full of strangers because she encouraged my confidence and reminded me, I get to have all I want in this world! And it takes ACTION! I picked up the microphone and BAM! I was enrolled!”

– Steph Keniston

Costa's coaching services

All sessions except the meet & greet include options for soaking up nature outside because nature provides energy, and together we'll create action.

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