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Outdoors to Explore Session

Base Camp with an extra twist of adventure.


Be Curious about YOUR ultimate experience! What excites you? What drives you? When do you go “SuperNova”? What would life look like without limitations? Money? Commitments? Debt? Social Media? Explore and overcome limiting thoughts, beliefs and deficit language. Create an action plan to light the sky and shine. Bring your vision and let's create a new reality. Let’s push the buy button and pack your bags to fast-track your dreams. – Learn to Surf (San Diego). Already know how? Let’s go surf and discuss how to create the best life lived. – Paddle Board (San Diego, Lake Tahoe), relax and take in life’s bounties and how to cash in. – Bike (San Diego, Oregon), Let’s find the road less bumpy and enjoy the ride that’s your life. – Hike (San Diego, Oregon, Lake Tahoe) Pack it in, Pack it out. Learn how to clean up your life. – Snowshoe (Lake Tahoe), There’s only a clean slate in front, leaving only legacy prints behind. – Teambuilding (San Diego, Oregon, Lake Tahoe)- Fun activities that promote decision making, leadership, communication and persistence. – Scooter ride (San Diego) Let your hair down, be authentic with the wind in your face and sunny skies take a ride.

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