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Hi! I'm Costa.

I'm stoked you're here! Our sessions together will be a "call to action" exploring what drives you and where and what you want in your life. Through coaching, I will hold you accountable by encouraging empowerment, ingenuity, creativity, and co-creating with you,  a clear,  step-by-step approach to your success and desired results. I will guide your process to a future you always dreamed of living, which starts TODAY!

My Story

I was raised primarily in the vibrant and wet forests of Oregon. As nature loving, free-spirit, I thrived in the forest, climbing trees, throwing pinecones, downhill skiing, and rafting rivers. With a thirst for adventure, philanthropy, and a passion for surfing, I have found my way around the world. In my life without borders, I have lived, served, and thrived in developing and diverse countries. I love to travel and meet all walks of life and have done so in over 50 countries, backpacking, hitchhiking, traveling by motorcycle, semi-truck, matatu, tuk-tuks, dala dala, and panga boats to name a few.

I am an optimist, with a fun flare of extroversion and an infectious giggle, who loves people and creating a safe space to help others feel comfortable and confident to be authentic and share openly.

I am a graduate of Metropolitan College of Denver in Nursing. I also have a degree in Kinesiology and a teaching credential from San Francisco State University. I have completed two Transformational Leadership Courses highlighting emotional intelligence with results-driven outcomes. I have been a lead facilitator of team building for professional and recreational clientele serving colleges and universities. In my professional life, I am a “Mum” and a Pediatric Registered Nurse.


I graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.S. in Kinesiology and was credentialed to teach K-12 like my father. At the age of 30, I decided to become a Pediatric Nurse, graduating from Metropolitan State University with a BSN in nursing, like my mother. 

I now celebrate a "truly me" Life Coaching career; a beautiful blend of teaching and healing and empowering self-care with nature as the foundation to connect and inspire all to pack their bags and live the life they deserve and dream.

I love coaching!

Life doesn’t wait. I have experienced first-hand seeing the change in someone’s life when I have ignited the little flame within them; the confident inner child that dreams to live the life they’ve dreamed before leaving this world.

I had a friend who was a positive light in the world, hopeful, full of laughter and truth but hesitant to take a HALL PASS to her dreams; her bucket-list, her true fulfillment. I helped her realize she was selling herself short. She was stuck on the “Ya Shoulds!” She was afraid of the unknown, and worried about perceived disappointments and being seen as irresponsible.

This was a perfect opportunity to turn insight into action. Our dialogue created a space where she could find peace knowing that she controlled her happiness. She bought her flight abroad and lived a life that would leave FB envious, including meeting the love of her life. She didn’t wait to create the life she wanted. She experienced what life could feel like with limitless possibilities. 

 It was that, pack your bags, feeling.

My friend passed away at the young age of 27. Her life was too short but she got to live out her dream. Why wait to live the life you deserve and desire? 

So if you’re ready to start packing your bags and are looking for the catalyst to push the buy button on your dreams, it’s no coincidence you found my website. I’m here, how can I support you?

Disclaimer: I’m not a therapist. I do respect therapy and believe in doing the work for self-improvement and emotional healing. What I provide is coaching for results. I help you acknowledge the emotions and use that energy towards pivotal actions to get the desired outcomes. 

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